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Oaklawn offers a flexible benefit package for employees and their families below is an outline of what is available to you as an Oaklawn employee. To see our Benefits at a Glance, click here.

Oaklawn offers two deductible plans to employees and their families to ensure that participants can choose the best fit for them. Linked below are explanations of the plans.


Oaklawn’s dental plan is a separate from medical insurance, employees and families may access dental without using Oaklawn’s medical plan. Linked below is an explanation of benefits for dental information.

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance

Oaklawn offers life insurance of 1.5 times your salary, up to $50,000, free of charge to employees. If employees would like supplemental life insurance, we partner with Mutual of Omaha to provide low cost life insurance options for you to select from.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability is provided by Oaklawn after two years of service and is determined by your full time employment status and length of employment at Oaklawn. A short description can be found in the Benefits at a glance linked above.

Long-term disability is can be purchased by the employee through Oaklawn’s partnership with Aflac.

403(b) Plan and Employer Match

There is no waiting period to begin saving to your 403(b) plan through Oaklawn. After you have worked 1,000 hours and are over the age of 21, Oaklawn will match 50% of your employee contribution, up to a maximum match by Oaklawn of 3%.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Oaklawn offers flexible spending accounts that allow employee to save money pre-tax for medical expenses and/or childcare expenses. At the end of the year, if you have not spent your dollars, you can roll-over $500 to the next year.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off is important in the mental health care field. We want to ensure employees have access to the self-care they need as well as work-life balance.

On top of our six paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Employees accrue PTO each pay period on the following schedule:

Non-manager (Based on full-time employment of 40 hours a week)
Date of hire to 3 years – 128 hours (16 days)
3 years to 9 years – 168 hours (21 days)
9 years – 19 years – 208 hours (26 days)
19 years + – 248 hours (31 days)

Manager /Dir/VP (Based on full-time employment of 40 hours a week)
Date of hire to 3 years – 168 hours (21 days)
3 years to 9 years – 168 hours (21 days)
9 years – 19 years – 208 hours (26 days)
19 years + – 248 hours (31 days)

Professional Funds

Employees are able to access specified amounts based on position for professional seminars, memberships, licensures and dues.

Continuing Education

After two years of employment, the Oaklawn Foundation offers a competitive scholarship continuing education program for employees who are studying in the fields of social work and/or nursing. Money awarded can be used for school tuition, book fees and other expenses incurred.

Employee Assistance Program

As a provider of mental health and addiction services, we understand the importance of access to counseling services for you and your family. In addition, to medical coverage we partner with New Avenues to offer 24- hour on-call emergency services, free screenings and referrals for five free counseling sessions.

Paths to Promotion

We want Oaklawn to be the place you choose to grow your career. We have lined up two different paths: one for individuals with their high school diploma and one for individuals with their bachelor’s degree. We hope this helps light the path for your growth at Oaklawn. Click links below to see what your path could be!

From October 2017 to October 2018, Oaklawn promoted 108 employees from within! If you are looking to begin your career at Oaklawn, apply today!

Loan Repayment

Oaklawn is an approved site for many loan repayment options, Loan Repayment Options at Oaklawn 2018.

Our Community

When people think about moving to Indiana usually cornfields, flat roads and John Mellencamp are the first things to come to mind. But, in our area, we have breweries, bike paths and delicious food to share. From Amish delicacies (think sugar-covered donuts) to farm-to-table freshness you can’t find anywhere else.

Visit Vibrant Communities to learn more about our lifestyle in northern Indiana.



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